Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quick Computer Security Guide!

This guide will teach you basics maintenance tasks you can do today to start improving your
computer’s security and healthy. Be sure you make these part of your ongoing maintenance as well. Understand security
vulnerabilities of your system. here i have discussed 4 essential
steps for securing your PC and they are Update your software , Backup your files, Use antivirus software and keep it updated and Change your passwords

=> Update your software:

Sign up for software update e-mail notices. Many software companies will send you e-mail whenever a software update is
available. This is particularly important for your operating
system,your anti virus program, and your firewall.

Register your software today.You still have registration
forms for existing software, send them in. And be sure to register new software in the future. By this you can be sure that you have latest protection for your computer.

Install your software updates immediately.When you get an update notice, download the
update immediately and install it for prevent newest threats.

=> Backup your files:

Back up your files. Backing up your files simply means creating
a copy of your computer files that you can use in the event the originals are lost. So when your
computer face to Accident and if your data lost you can use your backups.

*Use antivirus software and keep it updated:

Scan your files with up to date anti virus software. Anti virus
update is so important to your
computer security.I suggest you to turn on your automatic updates for this case.
Use your anti virus scan tool regularly to search for potential
computer viruses and worms. Also, check your anti virus program’s user manual to see if you can schedule an automatic scan of your computer.

*Change your passwords:
Change your passwords. Using the same password increases the odds that someone else will discover it. Change all of your passwords regularly to reduce your risk. Also, choose hefty
password for this case and then you can assure that anyone can’t guess it.

=> Note:- One of the best ways to help
protect your computer is to perform maintenance regularly
and update your softwares when updates are available. At least you should update your antivirus if not you can’t ensure
your safety.By doing this you are not only helping to improve your computer, you are also helping to protect your personal
information. and then you can assure that anyone can’t guess it.

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