Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Use WhatsApp without Mobile Number 2015 ...!!!

Have you ever imagined – if you can use WhatsApp without any mobile number? If you have then my friend the answer is yes. You can use WhatsApp without any mobile number. No matter your phone has any SIM card or not you can install WhatsApp on your phone and use it. You can follow the steps below to find out how.

Step 1:First, if you have WhatsApp already installed then uninstall it and Reinstall WhatsApp again in your Device. (You may backup your existing WhatsApp data first).

Step 2:Now WhatsApp will ask you for verification, for the trick here is – simply put your phone on Flight Mode.

Step 3:Next, open WhatsApp and enter the number which you have set in Flight mode. After you enter your mobile number WhatsApp will try to call the number, but as it is in flight mode they won't be able to do so.

Step 4:Now you need to go for the second verification method which is “Verification through SMS”, now enter your email details and click on send button.

Step 5:Now click on the cancel button before it gets completed

Step 6:Now install Spoof Text Message app for Android and Fake a Message for iOS.(Android user plz Search Google play store)

Step 7:After you install the app for the device you own, go to the Outbox and copy the message and send it to Spoof app, you can check the message details below.

To: +447900347295
from: + (Country code) (Mobile Number)
Message: you’re E-mail Address

Step 8:Now a message will be send to WhatsApp and your WhatsApp will be verified. And that’s it, now you can use your WhatsApp account without any mobile number.
Sreedeep.Ck Alavil the hacker boy

Enjoy Friends.....!!!

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