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WHAT IS ROOT AND PROFIT OF ROOT 2015 Mobile Tricks And Tips...!!

Best Root apps are special apps which are made for devices which are rooted or we can say the devices, which can give root permission to apps when asked.
     So, guys Lets, start to What is root
basically. Also see: Best Android Launchers 2015

What is root? Rooting your phone creates a pathway in your phone system which is
accessible by you and you can make changes to your phone, even you can change system files. But it voids your warranty which you can get back by flashing stock rom. (Stock ROM is the
android version of your phone that comes whenyou buy your brand new phone).

So,simply check out best root apps. What to do after rooting your phone? After, rooting your device, you can simply
use these special root apps, which we are sharing today on this blog (Mallu Tricks World). After rooting your android
device, you can use many useful apps on your phone. I will mention here some very popular apps and their uses which require root. So, without wasting time, lets move to the collection of some must have root apps.

Some of best root apps :

1) Xposed Installer. This is another app
which is equal to rooting your phone. This app installs internal binary to your phone which can change you notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your ROM and change almost anything on your phone. You can download from xda. Also see : Proxy Server list

2) Gravity Box.
This app requires xposed installer installed. It can make changes to you phone buttons, add navigation bar, change notification bar, change
lockscreen, add wallpaper to lockscreen and many more awesome things. Must see : PD-Proxy premium Account

3) Xui Mod This is awesome
app that changes you scrolling type and add many awesome animations to it. The pop up that appear on screen it changes even their animations.

4) DPI Changer This app changes the
PPI or DPI of your screen according to your requirements. It somehow enhances the visuals according to you. Must see: Free mp3 download sites

5) Set Cpu It controls the frequency of your phone’s CPU. If you want to save the battery then lower the frequency and battery performance will increase.

6) Battery calibration After
sometime your system creates a batterystats.bin file which decreases the battery backup. Calibrating it deletes that file and you have now awesome battery backup.

7) Flashify It flashes
custom recovery right from your mobile. No need of a PC.

8) Root Browser This app helps you
access your system menu which you can’t access. Its really helpful like if you want to make a change to build.prop it will allow you to help you.

9) Pimp my ROM It makes awesome
changes to your rom. It tweaks it awesomely. It gives you many decent options for your ram management.

10) MTK Tools or Mobile uncle
tools If you’re having any GPS related problem or want increase the volume of you speaker it helps you do that also. And many other helpful feature also.

11 ) Greenify When, we talk about best root apps, than its not possible to forget this app. This app can hibernate apps, which are running in background uselessly without any purpose and
simply eating battery life of your device as well as its performance.

12) Screen Standby This app
is also a super battery saving app, as it can prevent yout screen from waking up uselessly, which prevents your mobile phone from getting heating up or battery problem. This app will make sure that you screen does not wake up without any purpose.

13) Chainfire 3D Are, you a gamer?
Oh, than you cant miss this app. This app is must have root app for gamers, as it helps in lowering the graphics of your games, which prevents game
from lagging and makes the gaming experience super awesome.

14) Titanium Backup Its also one
of must have android app, if you experiments with your phone most of the time, than you cant afford
to miss this app, as this app will simply create backup of your APK as well of its data also.

15)Root uninstaller This is one of the best app, as it helps in removing the bloat- ware or we can say
the useless apps which are installed in android device by the mobile manufacturer. This app will
simply allow you to uninstall them in a single click, like we uninstalls user app.

Conclusion : So, this was collection of best root apps for android
mobile , if your device is rooted than, you must give this app a try. As, these apps will make your android device more powerful. So, Which android app do you like most, or you thinks that Every
user must use that app, We would like to hear it from you in comments.
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