Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Find Your Lost Mobile Phone- The Correct Way!

Many of them face this problem daily because , crimes and thefts are going on increasing these days and we don't know when we will loose our phone... So today we are going to know
how to find lost mobile phones. I saw many articles on the web regarding how to find my lost mobile phone?? but all were
trash!!! except some websites.. So i have decided to tell people
the correct way of finding your lost mobile phone
First of all you must know what is IMEI No. and what is its significance?. IMEI Stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is usually unique number, to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. You can find your unique IMEI No. of you mobile by just typing *#06#. Better note your IMEI No. , it will be very useful at the time when your mobile has been theft or lost.

Now coming to the second part. In case, when your mobile has
been theft you must give a complaint to the local police in your area or just send an instant email to them

* Emails Addresses :

Chennai -

Mumbai -

Hyderabad -

Bangalore -

*Example of Email:

Your name:


Phone model:

Last used No:

Contact No:

E-mail for communication:

How you lost the phone:

Date of theft and losing phone:


=> Other Method to find your lost mobile phone.

Just email to Click hear CONSUMER COURT about your lost phone with the full details. I am damn sure that you will get your phone back and you will be enjoying.

If you have any other alternative methods to find lost phones please let us know via comments section

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