Sunday, October 30, 2011

Watch Airtel Live TV Absolutly FREE 2011 New!

Hello friends,
After receiving a lot of request for Free Airtel Live Tv . Finally we launched a mobile site. Through which you can watch Airtel Live Tv absolutely Free. Please note that keep Balance below 30ps otherwise it will be deducted.

How to Use:-

First open this site in Operamini using your normal internet plan. And then save that page. After saving that page you have the page containing the links to watch Free Airtel Live Tv. Now open Operamini and open that saved page and choose the channel you want to watch…enjoy! Just Go To Click hear to Watch FREE LIVE TV


"We do not encourage Hacking in any form. This site was made to help you gain entry into the minds of seasoned computer criminals, so that you can forest all their attempts and pre-empt all harmful attacks, you will be hence well equipped to detect the ways in which hackers can
infiltrate your system. Hacking IS illegal, and we DO NOT encourage
you to do so. We will NOT help you hack anyone or anything if
you ask us to."

Information here is only for educational purpose only. This
site contains materials that can be potentially damaging or dangerous.If you do not fully understand something on this site, then GET OUT OF HERE!


Mallu Tricks World Owner Sreedeep.c.k

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  1. Only these channels shit! And we know the trick also