Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Secret Tricks 2011

Google Tricks and Tips

1.) Go to

type in "French Military Victories" and press "I'm feeling lucky"

Look at the question "Did you mean".

2.) Type in adress bar

This is a google function which search will list only .gov (governamental) ending sites.

3.)Type in adress bar

Here you can find an hidden game,offered by Google Enjoy!

4.) Type in adressbar

for language tool Translate "The Girl's mom is very nice" from English to Spanish -Copy the translated text and
translate it back from Spanish to English What do you see?

5.) Go to

Type in search field:


Go to first link finded! Enjoy!

* Go to

type in "find Chak Noris" and press "I'm feeling lucky"

Enjoy Google Secret Tricks!

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