Thursday, October 27, 2011

How To Tag A Friend On Facebook From Your Mobile Phone

Hai Friends, facebook is the no 1 social networking site which is almost used by all the internet users . To be frank , many of the people who don’t even have a PC are also using Facebook through their mobile phones . Well , a common problem which is often faced by the mobile Facebook users is tagging friends in any comment or status .
Usually , on PC , you can just use @ , and type the first 1 to 3 letters of your friends , and after that , all of
your friends who name relates with those letters comes up in a drop down menu . You just have to select the person from
the drop down menu ,
and your tagging is done .

Well , this feature is also available for the smartphone users but those who are using
Java phones , tagging friends on Facebook becomes very hard .
So , I have come up with this post to tutor you on how you can easily tag friends on any status or comment from your
mobile phone itself .

Now , let’s get started :-

1. First of all , you have to find out the profile ID of the person whom you want to tag . To do so , you can simply go to this profile ( from PC ) and at the address bar , you will notice an
URL like this –

profile.php?id=5678456789 .
this case , the profile ID is 5678456789 . Similarly , you can
also find out your friend’s profile ID .

2. You are now ready to tag him on any status or comment . To get started , just type @[Profile
ID:Name] where you want the tag to be appeared .

For Example :-

@[5678456789:PriyangshuBorgohain] Hi , what’s Up !

Well , you are done now ! I hope that you will like this simple trick for sure . I will soon come up with more tricks , till then you may visit my blog for more tricks . Enjoy Friends!

=> Now am in Facebook!

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  1. thnx a lot :)

    i think now u have to come up with rocking docomo gprs trick